The Tiara Is For The Angel Who Need’s No Introduction. This Is For EveryWoman Who Has Battled Life! Put Up A Fight And Still Held There Head High! I At ClvssandFvshion Salute You Because Without You Mother’s Of Earth. If It were not for you we would not be here. So for everywoman that visit’s my page. Today I send this to all of you who have made and come through the trials and tribulations of yet another day!!!! I Personally Myron Edwards @clvssandfvshion Bless You For Your Courageousness and Your Strength for seeing a lot of Knuckle Head Boy’s Through This Generation. Without You We Wouldn’t have made It This Far. @EveryWoman #EveryWoman #Female #Girl #Mother #Grandma’s #Sister’s #Nieces #Aunt’s And More Thank You!!! 😍😍😍