We are Poetry


Poetry is anything you want it to be

We are the Esscence of Light in a Dark World where Chaos and Destruction take place, we are one sound one mind, one heartbeat, one rythm. 

Let be the tools of tommorow’s future, let us be the sound of life, and not darkness, let us find a way to become one. Unity we need, but unity we are not.

One Sound One Mind, Move to the Rythm of the beat as we Enter a New Era of something new and not yet seen, pull together for what is right and just. 

One Sound One Mind, We should always be, Born into a Land Plagued by Chaos and Disease, finding cures, only to unleash another, one. 

Poetry is you, You are the Poet! You have the Rythm, No Find the Beat and Let’s dance till you can’t dance no more, ridding the world of Darkness and Shame, hoping to One Day Find that Glory and Fame.

This is for the Fella’s in the street’s out here struggling, like it’s hard out here for a Pimp, 

Women everywhere hold ya head up high, let not one stone be thrown at you for anything you have done, shout to the beat of a brand new drum.

Give God some praise yall, for letting us have freedom of mind and sound.

Dancing to a brand new beat.

Written by: MyronEdwards

Sincerely, Life is the beginning