National Football League – Does Their Image Count Off Field

National Football League – Does Their Image Count Off Field

Body/Brand Loyalty As an athlete, I have a larger butt and thick legs for a 5’11, 185 pound guy. That means finding clothing that fits my lower body is extremely important, especially when it comes to suits. So when I find a few brands – I don’t stray. Ted Baker makes affordable suits that are fashionable and for men with athletic builds. So whenever I’m looking to purchase a new suit – Ted Baker and I spend some quality time together first.

National Football League – Does Their Image Count Off Field

Statement Piece Spending Most of us can’t afford to spend large sums of money for an entire outfit, so when I do make an expensive purchase, I buy something that can go with multiple outfits and is timeless. My Belstaff jacket is a ‘statement piece’ spend because I know it will be in style for years and will work well with anything. In this photo, I paired it with G-Star Jeans and a Public School Sweatshirt.

Uncomfortable Doesn’t Mean Discomfort I often see guys wearing different styles of clothing that I would never think to wear because of my own individual hang-ups. Yet recently I’ve been pushing myself to wear new styles and types of clothing that stretch me out of my comfort zone. I don’t wear clothing that doesn’t fit comfortably but if I’m uncomfortable with the clothing because it’s something I’ve never worn before – I know I’m on the right track.ClvssandFvshion Wade DavisFormer NFL Player, Executive Director- You Can Play Project, UN Women HeForShe Ambassador, Fashion/Style Lover