Can You Have Wealth Without Success

I value the success as much as wealth but the fact remains that you can have wealth without being successful. You don’t always have to work to earn wealth. Sometimes success just falls into your lap. Let’s say you decide to play the lottery on day and all of a sudden you have won the biggest amount of money ever in your life. Now arn’t you excit d. Overwhelmed an over joyed with happiness, that is until Uncle Sam gets his fair share of the money.

So why is it that they tell you that you have just won 310 million when in reality they know you don’t get that much. 

Disturbing, facts of life. Shouldn’t you get exactly what they say you have won. I mean if you won the money then that is exactly what you ought to have. 

The dissapointment of being wealthy has its bargaining  chips.

So yes you can have wealth without true success.
But being successful means you will have wealth as long as you are willing to work for it.