Fight For What You Believe In  And Make A Change

You have been blessed with an opportunity, One Great Chance to get it right. How will you 

Help change and shape the future. Yeah you could probably keep on going living your life the way you do. Or you can step up and help change somebodies life. Don’t just be another 

Victim of today’s society but rather (Fight ) and show the world you are not who you were yesterday. Because today is that day you finally decided to be better than who you used to be.

( If you believe Fight ) (Fight If you Believe ) 

Your Decision, Your Chance To Make It Happen, Shape it or someone else will.

Martin Luther King Jr. ( I have a dream ) 

( I Want You To ( Believe ) In Yourself and Know That You Are A Fighter.

by:Myron Edwards

My Dream Is That Men,Children,Women,Boys,Girls, Will Put aside all these intolarable
differences and Change this world together, without the help of the ( Republican’s ) or the ( Democrats )
We are a ( Nation ) Built for the people by the people.

I Have A True Dream That We As A ( People ) can change anything by ( Believing ) ( Faith ) It can move mountains.
So I Say ( Fight ) and ( Stand )

I am For the People with The People I Am With You.

Leave The Politics To The Politicians.

Lets Fight For One Another

Share My Story Along With Your’s and Help Change The World Or Spark A Chain Of Events That Will One Day Bring This Nation Or Nations Back To It’s Or They’re True Form.

Thank You, Sincerely,

I Have A Vision Of Visions ( Myron U. Edwards