Christina Milian

In Your Closed Mind All You Can Think Of Is You Are!!😉

What’s For Dinner

She’s always so sexy stunningly and Gorgeous. Just when you thought bae couldn’t get hotter. She pulls off this amazing #SexyOnFleek look. That Just had you standing in awww of her perfection .

Queen of Sexy

@ChristinaMilian isnt just known for being sexy. But it is apparent that her beautiful Stylish looks brings all the boys to the yard. Every since I can remember. Christina Milian has always had my attn. From Singer Song Writer to Movies to Motherhood. She still rocks a Body that’s worth Dying for. Shes glamorous and Beautiful in every aspect. She continues to thrive and set remarkable boundaries every step of the way. #ChristinaMilian is the true essence of #SexyonFleek.

LOOKING A MILIAN DOLLARS Christina Milian looks sensational as she frolics on the beach in Miami in a string bikini

@ChristinaMilian has always been an apple in my eye, a true dazzling diva in a flawless smooth caramel milky kind of way. At the age of 35 and stunning as ever, i am compelled by what i would like to call a star gazing sensation. She is a wonder to behold and an Angel in rare form. Hey Bae guess what the world wants to know. When is our wedding date. I Love You ( Mi Amor ) My Love 


How Sweet She Is


My See only you and nothing else, Embracing and Enchanting beauty like none other. You have the Presence and Sensations of An Angel and Truly #SexyOnFleek I am Marvelled by Your Beauty and Brains. Don’t Let Hater’s Steal Your Joy Because You Truly Are Made To Adore. b:ClvssandFvshion


She has graced us with beauty. She has even stolen our hearts. How can we not love the most gorgeous most elegant @christinamilian #Voice #Talent #Sexy Looks #Classy Ways. It’s a wonder she hasn’t climbed to the top of charts. In my book she at 1. For best artist with raw beautiful talent. @clvssandfvshion_Instagram just see how come she is the number one in my heart. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋😘 #ChristinaMilian always and 4 ever. Shoutout to @LovingYou Girl.