Fun In The Sun


She’s All That and Some Christina Milian



The Beautiful Sexy Talented Christina Milian

I have marveled at the beauty of a Gorgeous Young Lady for year’s. Every Moment I have seen her has dazzled me to my core. With her talented sexy looks and flawless feature’s.

The Gorgeous Young Lady has turned men into meltin gpots. How can anyone person not stare and wonder. @ChristinaMilian The Angel from heaven. Good God Almighty


The Tiara Is For The Angel Who Need’s No Introduction. This Is For EveryWoman Who Has Battled Life! Put Up A Fight And Still Held There Head High! I At ClvssandFvshion Salute You Because Without You Mother’s Of Earth. If It were not for you we would not be here. So for everywoman that visit’s my page. Today I send this to all of you who have made and come through the trials and tribulations of yet another day!!!! I Personally Myron Edwards @clvssandfvshion Bless You For Your Courageousness and Your Strength for seeing a lot of Knuckle Head Boy’s Through This Generation. Without You We Wouldn’t have made It This Far. @EveryWoman #EveryWoman #Female #Girl #Mother #Grandma’s #Sister’s #Nieces #Aunt’s And More Thank You!!! 😍😍😍